Rima Kausaite

Rima is an experienced and dedicated massage therapist, who specialises in remedial and sports massage. The techniques she uses are soft tissue release, muscle energy technique and trigger point therapy.


In addition to working with athletes and sportspeople, Rima has also treated many clients who are recovering from accidents, joint replacement surgeries, bulging or herniated spinal discs or who suffer from general postural discomfort.


Treatments to choose from:

  • remedial massage
  • sports massage
  • pregnancy massage




With experience working alongside physiotherapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists and counsellors, Rima’s massage therapy is perfectly placed to complement any other treatments you may currently be engaged with.

A member of the Institute for Soft Tissue Therapists, Rima is committed to life-long learning, and working alongside her clients to ensure they can continue to live happy, healthy and active lives.

Rima also offers prenatal massage, considering you have passes the 1st trimester.