Dr Sam Nabli

Dr Sam Nabli is an Independant private general practitioner.

Medicine is changing… and not all is for the better. Gone are the days when physicians knew patients as ID numbers. The personal and meaningful connection with that one doctor, who has known patients and their families for years, has been rapidly fading.

I want to return to that earlier era of care. And I strive to ensure I give the best care possible to every patient.



I think it’s important for physicians and patients alike to look for solutions that re-establish a more patient-centric approach to care.

Why? Because the best healthcare comes from individual caring and committed physicians who have time to get to know their patients as more than just an illness, but as people with unique needs and individual healthcare goals.

In addition to general medical consultation and treatment, preventative health screening is offered, immunisation and travel vaccination. Referral for further treatment is arranged with specialists considered to be the best in their field.