Mr Dapeng Zhang BSc.(Hons), MSc.

Dapeng has accumulated a wealth of experience in practice, teaching and writing over twenty years. He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the City of Tianjin University, before becoming a doctor in the city’s hospital. After two years at a teaching hospital in Chicago, USA, he came to the United Kingdom, residing firstly in Manchester where, after establishing a successful practice, he became a regular TCM columnist for the Manchester Evening News.

His treatments identify and treat the root cause of a patient’s symptoms or health concerns. This approach enables the body to truly repair and re-balance.

Known for his Fertility female/male reproductive health issues, pain management and post cancer treatment, Dapeng is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the worlds leading acupuncturists.

Dapeng Zhang’s ethos is such that he treats each individual patient holistically restoring harmony and balance between the emotional, mental and physical and aspects of the whole person.

Like many people, you may have a health problem which remains unresolved or seek to enhance or rejuvenate your looks and well-being to better respond to life’s stresses, gently re-energised and performing at your best.

When searching for natural health solutions to your particular condition or requirement, it is likely that your search will be for not only the most highly qualified and experienced practitioners, but also for one who has a friendly, empathetic and thoroughly ethical approach so that all your thoughts and questions can be fully addressed.




We welcome your interest and will encourage you to journey with Dapeng into a world of alternative philosophy and enlightenment to add to your own knowledge and understanding. He will take time to gather comprehensive, confidential case notes regarding your requirements, physical health and any other factors you may wish to mention.




- Initial Consultation and treatment 

(75 minutes) – £225.00


- Combined Acupuncture with Holistic Massage 

(60 minutes) – £200.00


- Cosmetic Acupuncture

(75 minutes) £225.00


- Herbal Medicine 

(Treatment Time: variable) £60.00



Phone: +44 (0) 7766 495 158